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Pet UrnsDecorative Urns

We understand that decisions involving your pet's final arrangements may be completed during a very emotional time. We have a variety of high-quality, durable urns available to meet your special needs, in a variety of styles and colors. If no other requests are specified, your pet's cremains will be returned in our Basic Utility Urn. Should you later desire to transfer your pet's cremains to one of our beautiful decorative urns, we will gladly help you choose and transfer in a respectful manner.

Tiverton Marble Vase Urn
Available in White (Grey White), Black,
Caramel and Brown
Small $96.00
Medium $109.00
Large $144.00
Tiverton Marble Vase Urn
Ceramic Urns
Available in Ivory, Black, Blue and Mauve
Small (3½ x 7" - up to 15 lbs.) $26.00
Medium (5 x 10½" - up to 50 lbs.) $36.00
Large (6 x 11½" - over 50 lbs.) $47.00
Ceramic Urns

Taylor Bronze Urns
Bronze Keepsake $30.00
Small (up to 20 lbs) $110.00
Medium (over 20 lbs) $120.00
Large (over 50 lbs) $130.00

Taylor Pewter Urns

Hudson Cedar Urns
Small (4 x 4 ¼" - up to 25 lbs.) $97.00
Medium (5¼ x 6½ - up to 55 lbs.) $117.00
Large (6 x 8½" - over 55 lbs.) $137.00

Hudson Cedar Urns

Blair Cedar Urns
Small (up to 20 lbs.) $34.00
Medium (up to 50 lbs.) $48.00
Large (up to 80 lbs.) $64.00
Extra Large (over 100 lbs.) $74.00

Blair Cedar Urns

Faithful Feline Urn
Laying Cat Urn
Price: $56.00

Faithful Feline Urns
Matthew's Brushed Bronze Urn
Small (3 x 4" - up to 25 lbs.) $63.00
Medium (5 x6" - 26-55 lbs.) $84.00
Large (6 x 8½" - over 55 lbs.) $104.00
Matthew's Brushed Bronze Urn
Rock Urn
Small (up to 20 lbs.) $94.00
Medium (over 20 lbs) $104.00
Large (over 35 lbs.) $116.00
Rock Urn
Keepsake Urns
For small animals under 2 lbs. Also used
as a keepsake urn where only a small amount
of ashes are saved after the remainder has
been scattered or buried.
Ask for pricing.
Keepsake Urns
Gold and Silver Urn
Medium $55.00
Large $74.00
  Gold and Silver Urn
Paw Print Urns
X-Small $44.00
Small $98.00
Medium $110.00
Large $120.00
X-Large $130.00
  Paw Print Urns

Marble Cylinder Urns

Marble Mottled Stripe Urn

Price: $40.00


Photo Holder Urn

Marble Black Urn

Price: $40.00


Traditional Urn

Marble Light Gray Urn

Price: $40.00

  Photo Holder Urn

Marble Speckled Urn

Price: $40.00

  Photo Holder Urn

Marble White Urn

Price: $40.00

  Photo Holder Urn

Jardinia Urns

Jardinia urns are carved with graceful designs and the warm ivory look and feel result from the use of a special crushed marble medium. Each piece is hand-painted.

Cat Urn

Price: $52.00


Figurine Urn

Parrot Urn

Price: $52.00


Tower Photo holder Urn

Ferret Urn

Price: $52.00


Paw Print Photo Holder Urn

Lizard Urn

Price: $52.00


Dog House Photo Holder Urn

Rainbow Bridge Urn

Price: $94.00


India Woodchest Urn