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Office Greeters

Liver & White Springer Spaniel
Born: Walterboro, SC January 12, 2008
Profession: Began greeting at Pet Rest at age 4 months (although his employment has violated some child labor laws)
Education: On the job training
Likes: Running, riding around in the Rover,
spending time on the couch and watching movies
Namesake: Daniel Guggenheim, Daniel Island patron
Dislikes: Hasn't found anything he dislikes so far.


Paul Newman Paul Newman:
Ragdoll Cat
Born: August 23, 2010
Profession: None. Won't work for anything. Although he is employed as a greeter, sleeping is much more important!
Education: Naturally smart
Likes: Car rides, perfecting the art of being lazy
Dislikes: Flash bulbs
Namesake: Paul Newman (movie actor) known for his beautiful blue eyes


In Loving Memory of Hitchcock: 2003-2016
Black and Tan Coonhound Mix
Profession: Greeter
Education: School of hard knocks
Likes: Exploring the garbage, sleeping, roaming
and standing his ground
Dislikes: Authority, enclosures
Previous Profession: Traveling Salesman
Namesake: Alfred Hitchcock
Ideal vacation: A week at the landfill