Our Greeters

Pet Rest Greeters

Boots the Cat

Boots is our office assistant. He loves to lay in the sun in his favorite chair and meow for pats. Very good at giving hugs. He’s a simple old man with simple wants and needs, and everything he requests must be completed as soon as possible or he will yell.

Likes: food, affection, meowing

Dislikes: his paws touched, Being ignored, and not being the center of attention


The ever energetic wild man. Mepkin is our newest addition and is eager to help even if it causes some chaos. Super fun and affectionate he cheers up everyone he comes around. With his infectious energy and winning personality he would make a great office manager if he wasn’t addicted to eating the paperwork.

Likes: running, chasing, being chased, file disposal, and Boots the cat (much to poor Boots’ chagrin)

Dislikes: Hasn’t found anything he does not like.

Paul Newman

More of a mascot than greeter. Lazy man who refuses to work. Would rather sleep. Oh you have some food? Eh just leave it there and he will get to it later.

Likes: Sleeping, sun-bathing, hiding

Dislikes: Working, his cat carrier, being awake

Past greeters

Guggenheim (RIP 2020)

Guggenheim was a very friendly boy. Always ready to work. Spent as much time as possible consoling and cheering up guests. Extremely smart and always knew who needed a big head pressed against them.

Likes: car rides, cuddling, Boots the Cat, and working

Dislikes: Nothing really just love him and feed him


The trash man! If he was a superhero he would throw trash cans and eat garbage! Hard headed but a very good boy. Use to do pageants and shows with the SPCA. Part dog part vacuum. Any food left out mysteriously disappears when he’s around. Very strange.

Likes: food, being stubborn, his sister gabby.


Ultra loyal sweetheart. Not a mean bone in her body. Adventurer! Fearless conqueror of what life has to offer. Has explored the land, sea, and air! Hitchcock and she were the best of friends.

Likes: exploring, adventures, cuddles

Dislikes: not getting to go along when it’s time for a new adventure.