Our Greeters

Pet Rest Greeters


This nine-year-old tuxedo cat was a rescue from the animal shelter who arrived already named. He loves to lie in the sun, meet new people, and be the center of attention. 

Boots can be found sitting atop the main desk, awaiting some petting.


At just one year old, Mepkin is our newest staff member. An energetic and sweet wild man, he loves to run, play, and leap. 

In his spare time, he enjoys boating, destructive gardening, and hanging out with his peeps. 

He is named for Mepkin Abbey, which is a monastery on the Cooper River. This was a place with family ties and one that is very moving and spiritual.

Paul Newman

This rag doll prince is 13 years old and, unlike Boots, will not work for nothing. He could not keep a job at a pie factory tasting pie.

He can usually be found lounging on the porch, sleeping, or hiding. 

Paul Newman is named after the actor, particularly for his gorgeous blue eyes.

Past greeters

Guggenheim (RIP)

This extremely friendly liver and white Springer Spaniel was one of our best greeters. His coat was possibly the softest of any dog. 

He spent much of his days consoling and cheering up clients. He always knew when to press his head up against someone in solidarity.

He loved boating, running off leash, and spending time on the porch. He was very curious and aware of his surroundings.

Guggenheim is named after Daniel Guggenheim of Daniel Island, his home.

Hitchcock (RIP)

This Black and Tan Coon Hound mixed was a rescue from the animal shelter. During his rather adventurous life, he enjoyed eating trash, anything left on the counter, and even opening hotel doors. Quite possibly, a better name would have been Houdini.

Full of energy and mischief, Hitchcock was the greeter who made everyone laugh. Even though he was quite tall and 85 pounds, he never lost that puppy spirit.

If he had been a human, I would have been bailing him out of jail constantly.

Hitchcock was named after Alfred Hitchcock, the great filmmaker.

Gabby (RIP)

This Golden Retriever was a friendly, easy going, adventurous dog who loved tennis balls, her brother Hitchcock, long walks, and an endless bowl of kibble.

Gabby could be found boating, flying, or playing fetch. As long as she was involved, she was content.

Gabby was named after Gabrielle Sabintino, a famous tennis player.

Dazey (RIP)

This Golden Retriever was one of a kind. She was my right hand pup, and we went everywhere together. 

She loved riding shotgun, flying, and swimming. She showed me dedication and loyalty, and with her, the idea for pet greeters was born.